Treaty #6 medallion, University Archives & Special Collections, University Library, University of Saskatchewan

Relations between and among these three terms have shaped Canada for centuries and continue to influence  powerfully how those who share the territories of Turtle Island see each other and how they are perceived by people elsewhere in the world.

At this moment in history, when the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is so prominent in public consciousness, the Humanities Research Unit at the University of Saskatchewan aims to contribute to and stimulate further debate and connectivity around title to and stewardship of the land in what claims to be a postcolonial country.

This initiative builds on the 2013 conference at the University of Saskatchewan on Cultures of Reconciliation: Academic, Artistic, Activist and aims to assist in achieving a number of the commitments made by the University, and other universities and organizations across Canada, to the creative and just realization of the promises of the treaties and of the potential in all of us for living together in a good way.